Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tis the Season To Be Merry

Tis The Season to Be Merry

I always feel the need to celebrate. I mean come on who doesn't enjoy cake and happy hour? Seriously I celebrate half birthdays and almost everyday of the year. So times I just google the holiday of the day and bam I have something fun and creative to do. For instance today is National Mountain Day and then the next thing you know I may be planning a hike. Actually I'm not quite in the mood for that today but if I was it would be a great idea. 

But just a side note tomorrow is UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER DAY & if you're not celebrating well I'm not sure its a good idea to even trust you... take a look at this site tho it may inspire you National Ugly Sweater Day

Anyways I've kinda got a little carried away from the topic I originally wanted to talk about which is: Have you seen Starbucks instagram post about their Christmas Coffee Liqueur?
Well Here is it:

So I'm guilty & made it
Super simple and easy. Just follow the recipe on the picture above and you'll be in a bliss; a holiday bliss that is ;). Just a side note I used Kahlua Hazelnut Rum Coffee Liqueur.  My favorite part was putting them into cute half sized pint mason jars and decorating them. The hard part is going to be saving these babies for three days....
Did I mention how perfect this is for a stocking stuffer? 

Let me know how they turn out for you. :)

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