Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Little Journey by Aldi Review

My review of Little Journey by Aldi

So as an influenster I was sent a box of different products from Aldi's line for babies called Little Journey in exchange for my honest review.

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(Jimmy using the baby wash) 

Here's a list of the products they sent me:

1. Diapers (unfortunately they sent me diapers 2 sizes too small. But I went ahead and purchased the right size in store for this review)
2. Baby Wash
3. Apple Pear Spinach Baby Food Puree
4.Thick quilted baby wipes
5. Two packages of puffs. Strawberry Apple flavored and Banana flavored
6. A coupon for $3 off their formula. (However I never used it because my son is on whole milk already. So if you would like it please message me and I will mail it to you)


1. Diapers

The diapers are very absorbent and I was thoroughly impressed. They fit nicely and the tabs held up to my crazy moving son. Cute designs too. However I noticed that every time I went to change my son's diaper he had white fuzz all over his bottom from the diaper. I've never had this problem with the other diapers I usually use. But I can't complain because these diapers are half the price of pampers, huggies, and etc.  

2. Baby Wash

Scent was a light baby scent but nothing will ever smell better than Shea moisture's baby eczema bar soap to me. But it did leave his skin feeling so soft. Definitely will buy in the future.

3. Apple Pear Spinach Baby Food Puree

I'm not going to lie when I first saw this flavor I was thinking this ain't going to fly with little man. My son hates eating his greens. He hates baby food purees now too. But for some odd reason he kept crawling back to me for some after I gave it to him. So naturally being the nosy parent I am, I tried some too and let me tell you it was delicious. Y'all know you try your kid's food. I need to stock up on these because first of all we are always on the go and second of all I need to get Jimmy eating more green.

 4. Thick Quilted Baby Wipes

So I'm a huge of Seventh Generation baby wipes because they are thick and just don't compare to any of the other brands. But let me tell you I was really impressed with Little Journey's wipes. They are almost neck and neck. The price is more desirable than Seventh Generation but the same as any other baby wipe on the market. 

5. Puffs (Strawberry Apple Flavor and Banana Flavor)

I've got to say these have been a life savor for me. Especially since, like I said before, I'm always out and about. My son loves the strawberry apple flavor the best. The banana flavor scent is a little too banana-y for me when I open the can. But I will definitely be investing in the Strawberry Apple flavor puffs. By the way they're also heart shape which i find adorable. 

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